Grazia Middle East: Fancy Recipes for Fancy Dinners

As seen in Grazia Middle East
(this article was originally written for the purpose of Iftar but these recipes can be used for any dinner party)

Whether your thing is socialising in glamorous tents or cooking up homemade meals with the family, Ramadan is upon us. Many of us count the hours until sunset, when Iftar feasts become a bounty for both body and soul. And if you’re the hostess with the mostess (or at least attempting to take on that role – we feel you), then you may want to use the quiet time of the day and the shorter working hours to plan a fabulous soirée of an Iftar… or at least daydream about it.


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Grazia Middle East: It’s the Weekend, Let’s Eat Cake 

As seen in Grazia Middle East 

I’ve never successfully baked a cake in my life. In fact, in 2011, a cake literally blew up in my oven. Yes, it actually blew up, meaning my entire oven interior was deliciously draped in what I believed to be half-baked dark-chocolate cake batter. But despite my severely bad baking abilities, I still find myself mesmerised by those who can do it, and am always looking for any opportunity to order (and eat) cake.


Photo courtesy of Melange Dubai

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Memoirs of a Hiatus: The Food Edition

Memoirs of a Hiatus: The Food Edition

Sharing a blog post I wrote a year ago and never published.

Most of you know by now that I did a disappearing act this last year the last 2 years on my blog and resurfaced some time back to introduce by daughter. What I didn’t mention in the blog post was everything I ate in this time, and oh boy did I eat! Between being pregnant and then breastfeeding and just being a mother, I managed to use every excuse in the book to consume and indulge. Let’s just say, it was the year of food, nothing held me back. This is just a modest list of my most memorable meals last year.


Breakfast at Kalha

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Memoirs of a Hiatus: The Baby Edition

A Little Life Update


Photo by Rasha Rmeily

I did a bit of a disappearing act this last year, in fact the date of my last entry was July 16, 2016, 11 months ago… sigh. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last November, so naturally I’m gonna go ahead and blame her for my year-long hiatus. The truth is that between my lazy pregnancy, the mad rush of motherhood, nappies changes, breastfeeding, starting solids and returning to my corporate job, writing just got away from me. I’m not sure if anyone is actually reading this, I haven’t had the courage to check the blog stats in some time, but I’m here to let you all know that I’m alive and well and to introduce you to my baby, Zara.

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101 Great Places to Eat Out in UAE


Sharing a delicious episode of 101 Great Places to Eat Out in UAE as we take on my native, Arabic cuisine, at Azkadenya. If you visit, be sure to order the Osmaliyet Ward, two crunchy knafeh-like cakes with rose ice cream sandwiched in between, a very special dessert! Continue reading

The Huffington Post: Eating My Way Through The Western Cape

Travel Feature: Western Cape, South Africa – as seen on The Huffington Post Travel


Camp’s Bay beach and Lion’s Head

Cape Town

A few months ago my husband and I decided to tick off a bucket list destination, after debating on Toyko and Cape Town, the decline of the Rand sealed our trajectory to South Africa. I carefully studied the Western Cape’s safari’s, wine country, hiking trails, culinary scene and mapped out our 11 day holiday. Best known for for its natural beauty, sandwiched between the magnificent plateau Table Mountain and the icy Atlantic, Cape Town is so much more than a pretty face. From the wine estates of Constantia to the colorful homes of Bo Kaap and the shacks of the suburban townships to the hipster enclave of Woodstock, Cape Town is a cultural cocktail with a rich history to say the least. I was told that 11 days in the Western Cape was too much time, the truth is it was the perfect combination of discovery and relaxation.   Continue reading

Zaya Nurai Island, also know as Paradise

Travel Feature: Zaya Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Planning a vacation isn’t easy and planning a staycation in the UAE isn’t all that much easier. Once I’ve settled on a location I usually scour Tablet Hotels or Mr & Mrs. Smith before cruising a plethora of sites for the best deals. The rise of travel search engines however have done us all a favor and saved us all a lot of time. One site to aggregate the dozens of various deals from around the web in one place? Yes please. Enter Hotels Combined. One simple search provided over two dozen results for my staycation destination of choice Zaya Nurai Island, an island far far away also known as a paradise. Continue reading

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