101 Great Places to Eat Out in UAE – Benjarong

101 Great Places to Eat Out in UAE

Benjarong jpg

Sharing a delicious episode of 101 Great Places to Eat Out in UAE as take on my favorite, Thai food, at Benjarong! Be sure to order the Red Duck Curry, a meal I would every day if it were up to me!    Continue reading

101 GREAT PLACES TO EAT OUT IN UAE – Al Hallab Bab Al Baher

101 Great Places to Eat Out in UAE

Al Hallab

Sharing another episode of 101 Great Places to Eat Out in UAE, this time I indulge in seafood at Al Hallab Bab Al Baher. Do not miss their Shrimp Fetteh, absolutely a stand out dish!  Continue reading

The Huffington Post: Eating my way Through Amman

Culinary Travel: Amman, Jordan – as seen on The Huffington Post Travel


I’ve always said that being a food blogger allows me to be an urban explorer from a taste perspective and this has never proved to be true as much as it did on my most recent visit to Amman. Being Jordanian myself I am familiar with the culinary landscape of the city but a recent self-curated food tour allowed me to see Amman through a new lens. In hopes of rediscovering the county’s charm, I veered off the beaten path and away from popular stakeouts Hashem, Shawarma Reem, Habibah and Falafel Quds. Alternatively I carefully mapped out a food trail to take me through a neighborhood at the epicenter of Jordan’s burgeoning arts scene, Jabal Al Weibdeh, and this is what I found.

Continue reading

Enigma, the Opening Act

Restaurant Review: Enigma
Interview: Chef Quique Dacosta


According to Dictionary.com, an Enigma is a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation, a definition which basically sums up my experience at Dubai’s latest restaurant phenomenon. Part theater, part science project, part restaurant, Enigma prides itself on being mysterious, so much so that any request to see the menu comes with firm denial. Discretely tucked away in a corner of the elegant Palazzo Versace Hotel, Enigma is as seductive as is its concept, one that rotates high profile chefs, menu and theme every three months. Such a risqué concept could only debut with a chef as bold as the concept itself.

Enter Quique DacostaContinue reading

Australia Unlimited Culinary Cookoff 2016 + Obe Organic Beef Two Ways

Australian Unlimited Culinary Cookoff 2016


Yes it’s true, I am following up a vegan cleanse blog post with a post dedicated to beef. The truth is just a few short days after I completed my cleanse, I was asked to compete in the annual Australian Unlimited Culinary Cook-Off 2016, an initiative by the Australian Trade Commission in collaboration with Jones the Grocer, with Australian beef as the hero ingredient. The instructions were simple, create an impressive and healthy main dish in 30 minutes with a cut of OBE Organic Beef and access to a small pantry of mystery ingredients. The 12 contestants would later be reduced to four and compete in a second challenge, given a new cut of beef and new mystery ingredients.  Continue reading

Diaries of a Vegan Cleanse

Vegan Cleanse


It was a little over a year ago that I first fell victim to veganism during a holiday in Los Angeles, a vegan’s culinary mecca. No, it wasn’t an effort to stand up for animal rights or a health conscious decision nor was it an effort to fit in amongst LA hipsters, rather it was a complete accident. Being in the presence of practicing friends and fantastic vegan restaurants, the math was simply in favor of veganism. It wasn’t until I was elbow deep in Sweep Potato Flautas at Gacias Madre that I realized I had in fact gone vegan. I searched high and low for vegan dishes upon my return to Dubai trying to replicate the tempah bacon and cashew cheese Bacon Chili Cheese Burger from Sage Vegan Bistro but my vegan diet saw its demise quickly once I returned to the emirate.  Continue reading

Dubai’s Latest and Greatest Trend: Casual & Licensed

Taste Bud Round-Up: Casual & Licensed

New Picture (9)

Happy New Year, Taste Bud Family! Can you believe it’s already 2016! I hope you all had a lovely holiday, I just returned from a trip to Amman (blog post coming soon) and am struggling to get back into the groove of things. I decided to kick off the year with a 1 week vegan cleanse (blog post coming next week) in an attempt to negate all of the meat I ate while traveling. Before I dive into my health bing, I wanted to share with you a few favorites in an emerging Dubai trend, restaurants that are both casual and licensed, a rare find.  Continue reading

9 Festive Films for the Post-Christmas Blues

Holiday Film Round Up


Santa has come and gone and for many of us the holiday hype is winding down, but don’t let the post-Christmas blues get to you, the season isn’t over quite yet. For many of us the week between Christmas and New Year’s is spent eating leftover turkey sandwiches curled up in front of the TV with family and friends. Its always been my own little tradition that I take this week off to catch up on some of my favorite holiday movies. From classics to comedies and adventures to romance, this blog post is dedicated to my 9 favorite quintessential holiday flicks to put on your iTune queue for this week. Whether you spend the post-Christmas coma digesting leftovers or eating gingerbread cookies, this week is best spent in an oversized sweatshirt and fat pants with these festive, fictitious and dysfunctional families.  Continue reading

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