As defined by Wikipedia a foodie is, “a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food.” That’s putting it mildly, of course my relationship with food falls somewhere between civilized and savage! When people ask me what I want to do with my life, I quickly answer “to travel the world and eat.” After all, isn’t following in Andy Hayler’s footsteps to eat at every Michelin Star restaurant in the world at the top of everyone’s bucket list? This dream may be on hiatus for now however Memoirs of a Taste Bud is my first small step toward an all-you-can-eat globetrotting adventure.

With roots in both the USA and Jordan, I’ve been able to experience food through different lenses my entire life enhancing my love for the culinary arts. Add to that a background in writing and now witnessing Dubai’s bourgeoning restaurant scene, I’ve been inspired me to pen my thoughts which was when Memoirs of a Taste Bud was born. My blog merges my love of writing with my passion for food and allows me to be a permanent urban explorer, no matter where I am, from a taste perspective. I don’t think of it as blogging as much as I do storytelling, one restaurant or one city at a time.

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