I think by now you know how much I appreciate food: thinking about food, reading about food, looking at food, eating food, smelling food (yes I smell everything) and now writing about food. With the media world demanding my attention 9 hours a day (minimum) I’ve found it can be quite difficult to keep up with my fast pace taste buds. I literally fill up all of my spare time indulging in lengthy and detailed restaurant reviews, every experience is an adventure after all and if you know me, then you know I have a lot to say.

And while I’m come to love spending my lazy weekends cooped up in Dubai’s coziest cafes with my laptop appendage, it would be nice to have a little more time to do really important things like binge on Mad Men and Orange is the New Black. And so i’m introducing a new shorter form of restaurant reviews, we’ll call these bitesize reviews Little Bites. I’ll continue writing longer reviews as well, we’ll call those Big Bites and hopefully this will allow me to continue posting once a week. I hope you are enjoying my memoirs, your feedback is always welcome 🙂

Happy eating and thanks for reading!