Review: Flavorshack 3-Day Juice Cleanse


I would never deliberately deprive myself of food but I must admit that since the day I’ve started this blog I’ve really over-indulged. I used to have so much discipline and self control when it came to food however lately nothing is off limits for my taste buds, all in the name of the blog of course. From the likes of Dulche De Leche Cronuts and Sweet Potato Chili Poutine to Blondie Brownie Sundae’s and Smoke Shack Burgers, I’ve tried it all. There comes a time when you just feel the need to rid your body of any toxins left behind from these fabulous foodie adventures.

I have been contemplating a 3-day juice cleanse since January so when The Flavor Shack reached out to me a couple of weeks ago I immediately showed interest in their juice cleanses. With benefits like an increase in energy, mental clarity, immune system boost and skin rejuvenation, this cleanse was just what I needed! I was given 6 juices per day and each bottle was labeled 1-6. I strategically scheduled one juice every two hours from 10 AM to 8 PM in two hour increments. Most of the juices blended fruits and veggies, several retained their pulp making the juice a little more filling and delicious.

Below is a diary of my 3-day juicing journey which I’ve entitled Hanger, Coffee Withdraw and Emotional Eating.

 Day 1 – Hanger:

I woke up in a fog this morning to the sound of my doorbell, I was completely disoriented, I wasn’t expecting anyone and certainly not at 8:15 AM. Much to my surprise it was a delivery from The Flavor Shack, the 3-day juice cleanse I impulsively  signed up for before my brain could process the repercussions. And when I say repercussions, I’m talking about coffee of course. As with any cleanse, I needed to eliminate caffeine from my diet for 3 whole days. Unfortunately the only thing I could think about this morning was coffee. I knew immediately that food would haunt me for the next few days but it was my sweet sweet cup of American coffee with warm nutty almond milk that I would miss the most. Just the thought of eliminating coffee made me angry, and so my cleanse began.

I grabbed juice #1, “Fountain of Youth” which was packed with four varieties of berries, orange and honey to get started. The juice was thick and satisfying it was a refreshing start to the long day ahead. Each bottle of juice held me over for nearly two hours but by 4 PM the hunger pangs set in and I was eyeing the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup my colleague strategically left on my desk to tease me. My 4 PM juice “Protein Punch” was packed with an unusual blend of fruits and veggies: strawberry, spinach, carrot, orange and banana. I could taste little morsels of spinach in the juice which made me happy, its the small things after all.

I’ve made it through day 1, it’s safe to say I spent most of day 1 both hungry and angry, hangry as they say.  I didn’t fall victim to the many temptations today including the aroma of my husbands dinner, a Lemon Herb Chicken Burger with mushrooms, avocado and chili aioli from Ultra Brasserie, a mental triumph. I’m going to fix myself a Bengal Spice tea, retire to the sofa to watch a few episodes of Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives.

They say day 1 is the hardest. We shall wait and see.


Day 2 – Coffee Withdraw:

In all honesty, when I opened my eyes this morning I felt a little lighter and somehow energized. But the minute I lifted my head off the pillow it began throbbing, it felt like a train crashed right into my skull. Is this the coffee withdraw everybody warned me about? I am really that addicted to coffee? I couldn’t resist, I popped a couple of painkillers and moved on with my day generally much more alive compared to yesterday.

You never think about the beauty of chewing until you do a juice cleanse. Day 2 was the day I tried to chew every sip of juice I had. Several of the juices are packed with pulp, seeds or tiny granules which had my jaw in overdrive trying to chew my juice and convince myself that I’m actually eating solid foods. Despite the coffee withdraw, today was much more productive. The thought of working out crossed my mind ambitiously but I couldn’t gather the energy after 7 PM, so I spent the evening with Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow and the rest of the gang from Game of Thrones instead.

2 days down, 1 to go…


Day 3 – Emotional Eating: 

Have you ever had such a bad day that you just needed the comfort of a huge bowl of Pad Thai or a Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookie to make you feel better? Yes I know this is what they call emotional eating. Well that’s the kind of day I had today and so to compensate, being the planner I am, I spent most of day 3 planning my meals for the days to come.

With the light beaming at the end of the tunnel, my headache in check and my energy levels surprisingly high, I did not succumb to emotional eating. Instead, in preparation of a post-cleanse binge, I stored two bananas, an apple and Oat crackers away in my filing cabinet like a squirrel preparing for winter. I also planned several meals this weekend including a lunch at the highly anticipated Sum of Us along with several other Jumeirah Restaurant Week dinners.

The coffee withdraw-fog is still there, but I must admit I feel lighter, energized and all around revitalized but my taste buds are ready to embrace solid foods again. In staying with Flavorshack’s 3-day post cleanse recommendation to ease back into my normal diet, I’ll start with salads piled high with veggies tomorrow, in fact I’ve already prepared a rocca salad for breakfast. And then I’ll ease back into gluten-free grains and meats/fish/poultry in the next few days.

That’s a wrap!

The Juice Rundown:  

  1. 10 AM – Fountain of Youth: Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Orange, Honey – This was by far my favorite juice, boasting four kinds of berries, you really can’t go wrong. Thick and sweet, a good juice to kick start the day.
  2. 12 PM – Magic Potion: Red Apple, Green Apple, Beetroot, Carrot, Turmeric – With a prominent beetroot flavor, the Magic Potion is packed with pulp which left me attempting chewing every sip.
  3. 2 PM – Drops of Sunshine: Kiwi, Strawberry, Mango, Carrot, Apple, Orange, Honey – A juice so thick, I feel like I’m drinking a chilled soup. The juice is sweet for the most part with a sour kick from the kiwi. A good juice lunch replacement to keep you full for a couple hours.
  4. 4 PM – Protein Punch: Strawberry, Spinach, Carrot, Orange, Banana – Another favorite, sweet and filling, I think we’ve established I’m a fan of strawberry and anything with pulp.
  5. 6 PM – Go Green: Spinach, Celery, Parsley, Cucumber, Apple, Ginger, Lettuce – With the light consistency of regular store bought juice (i.e. I couldn’t chew it) and a spicy zing from the the ginger, this was my least favorite juice.
  6. 8 PM – Energy Shock: Carrot, Orange, Green Apple, Red Apple, Lemon, Ginger –  Prominently carrots and oranges, this juice was bright orange and packed with pulp, a satisfying juice closer to the day.


Disclosure: The 3-day juice cleanse from Flavor Shack was complimentary however all opinions and experiences expressed here are purely my own. I also advise that you do your own research before participating in a cleanse of any type and do what feels best for your body.