Review: Life’n One


Summer is looming in Dubai, as much as we try to deny it, in a few short weeks the city will retreat to the quiet and humid metropolis it is for five months a year.  Pretty soon the patio chairs will be stored away, the AC will be cranked up 24/7 and your sunglasses will fog up the minute you step outside. Yes ladies and gentlemen, summer is upon us. The visited will become the visitors as the masses flee the sweltering heat for their annual holidays and road rage will subdue as traffic disappears. 

In the interest of my sanity, I’m going to take this slow and sticky season as an opportunity to focus on my personal wellbeing. After a beautiful winter packed with brunches, lunches and drunches, the introvert in me is ready to embrace downtime. A detox of sorts, a time to revitalize my mind and body, which is exactly what Life’n One is all about. My sister couldn’t have introduced me to the garden cafe and wellness center at a better time.

Life’n One is an urban retreat, a community built around the relationship between the body and soul. A place which invites you to tap into your spiritual side with transformation at the center of their ideology offerings classes from Gong Meditation and Hypnotherapy to Reiki and Kinesiology. Simple yet psychedelic murals greet you at the entrance of the Jumeirah villa and a stone path leads you to the garden, the heart and soul of Life’n One. The charming space doubles as a cafe and opens up to a large yoga studio, a perfect spot to spend a tranquil Friday afternoon, and so i did.

With the intense and energizing 75 minute Karma Yoga class under my belt, my sister and I retreated to the cafe to relax and refuel. The sun began to sink over our little sanctuary casting orange hues into the garden as we nestled into our tree stump table among the grass. Amused by the unusual combination, I sipped on a Cherry Banana Smoothie sweetened with coconut water and honey to quench my thirst and unwind.

IMG_3419 IMG_3403 IMG_3402 IMG_3447 IMG_3436

Having heard mixed reviews about the food, we scanned the all gluten/sugar/dairy-free menu carefully. Several items on the menu were unavailable, so we both settled on the Pumpkin Soup and a side of the Thai Steamed Vegetables. The steamed vegetables were as good as can be expected of steamed vegetables, enhanced slightly by soy sauce. The Pumpkin Soup on the other hand was thick and hearty, with generous chunks of carrots and ginger immersed in it and crunchy pumpkin seeds to boot. The savory soup was reminiscent of a homemade recipe, so delicious that we ordered a third bowl to share.

IMG_3444 IMG_3446

The afternoon wouldn’t have been complete without raw vegan Chocolate Cake and Carrot Pie. The chocolate cake was elegant and packed with superfoods. The crust was thick with dates and nuts and the center was mouse-like, fluffy and delicate with light cacao undertones. The carrot cake was packed with flavor and was reminiscent of Arabic sweets with pistachio flavors and a coconut garnish, a lovely dessert but didn’t compare to the perfection of the chocolate cake that preceded it.


There is something about sinking into triangle pose with your eyes to the blue sky which makes you feel intrinsically connected to mother nature. Follow a spiritual yoga class with a nutritious meal to rid yourself of the pre-Summer blues and shift your Friday priorities from drunching to detox and personal wellness.

Keep up with Life’n One to learn about the latest events, classes and workshops, I’ve already penciled in the upcoming Feng Shui Talk and a Raw Food Workshop taught by Evelin Novikova of Raw Love Vegan.