Restaurant Review: Tom & Serg


On any given Friday after I’ve peeled myself out of bed at a respectable hour the first words out my mouth are usually about my impending meal. I rarely make it to breakfast, unless I’m staying in a hotel then I’m that obnoxious girl scurrying at the buffet to pile on eggs and fruit simultaneously as the staff attempts to close the kitchen. Let’s call this respectable hour brunch time. Unlike most Dubaian’s, I have not succumbed to the extravagant hotel brunch trend; I prefer a homey café with good coffee and better food. 

Tom & Serg has become one of my go-to options and I’ll admit I always feel a little cooler every time I’m there. In an effort to revive café culture, Australian Tom and Spanish Serg teamed up to bring a little bit of Melbourne to Dubai. A true hipster haven, Tom & Serg is usually packed to the brim with artist-types sporting mustaches and tattoos and freelancers tapping away on Mac Book Pros.  The massive two-story loft maintains its rustic charm by stowing jugs of water in wooden crates, storing silverware in tin canisters and greeting patrons with a double decker chalkboard near the entry.

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The menu is rather small but diverse with several gluten free options. The Baghdad Scramble and Qunioa and Falafel Wrap stood out. I opted for the Crispy Salmon Skin served over a bed of “broccoli couscous” which the waiter clarified is grated broccoli resembling couscous. This is the second time this month I’ve tried a dish which replaces a grain with a grated vegetable, a trend I hope to see more of. The earthiness of the broccoli paired with fresh fennel, sweet raisins and a hint of curry complimented the salmon perfectly. The salmon skin was golden and crispy providing a great contrast for the delicate and hearty meal.


An avid burger fan, my husband ordered The Tom & Serg burger which he swears is the best burger in town. The patties are petit and seasoned just right, it’s a simple classic burger made with quality ingredients. Pass on the sweet potato crisps but do indulge in the fries. The food is usually a sure thing but don’t get too attached to that dish you ordered just yet as the menu changes monthly.


The drinks menu is a little more elaborate with diagrams sketched out to decipher the many coffee varieties, finally a place that takes their coffee seriously! I had a Café Latte 16 with almond milk, a strong jolt of caffeine paired with my favorite dairy alternative, I approve.


Located in the trendy and industrial Al Quoz neighborhood, which I like to think of as a primitive version of the Meatpacking District, Tom & Serg is a much welcomed change from the overdose of luxury we are accustomed to. With the surge (no pun intended) of Australian restaurants opening in Dubai, Tom & Serg have undoubtedly put themselves on the map. Go for the ambiance and stay for the food, your taste buds will enjoy a little taste of Oz.

Rumor has it the duo will open their next restaurant, The Sum of Us, by year end and I can’t wait to see what Tom and Serg have up their sleeve this time!

Tom & Serg
15 A Street, Al Joud Center
Al Quoz, Dubai